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Sexual Health

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Sexual Health services offered in Montgomery, TX

Sexual health affects your overall well-being. At Stone Creek Family Medicine in Montgomery, Texas, Jeremy McWilliams, DO, Ginger McMillian, FNP-C, Courtney Groves, FNP-C, and the team take an integrative and individualized approach to care, providing innovative therapies to support and enhance sexual health. Whether you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction (ED) or a low libido, the team can create a plan that improves your sexual health. Call the office today to make an appointment.

Sexual Health Q&A

Why is sexual health important for well-being?

Sexual health influences your physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being. 

Good sexual health is more than being free from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It’s about having a positive attitude towards your own sexuality and finding comfort and pleasure from your intimate relationships. 

Sexual health is a taboo subject for many, but one that you need to consider when it comes to improving your overall wellness.

Stone Creek Family Medicine is a full-service family medicine practice that takes an integrative approach to health, providing services that benefit your total wellness, including your sexual health.

What affects sexual health?

Many factors affect sexual health, including physical and psychological conditions. 

Chronic health problems, changes in hormone sex hormone levels, and conditions that affect the reproductive organs may negatively affect your sexual health. Many people experience changes in sex drive and enjoyment as they get older due to declining sex hormone production.

Psychological problems also affect sexual health. Stress from your intimate relationship or a mental health condition like depression may affect your sexual desire. Additionally, conditions like erectile dysfunction (ED) or vaginal pain during intercourse may negatively impact your intimate relationship.

What can I do to improve sexual health?

Stone Creek Family Medicine offers many innovative treatments to improve sexual health. These include: 


The P-shot is a proprietary treatment that uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to improve penile health and function. PRP contains a high concentration of platelets, which are natural healing cells.

When injected into the penis, PRP stimulates healing and the growth of blood vessels and nerve endings to improve sexual function and pleasure.


The O-shot is a PRP injection for women. Your provider at Stone Creek Family Medicine injects PRP into the clitoris and upper part of the vagina. The platelets in the PRP boost vaginal health, circulation, and sensation, improving orgasms and sexual pleasure.


Bocox is a Botox® injection into the penis that improves blood flow and erections. It works by relaxing the corpus cavernosum muscles. 

Stone Creek Family Medicine also offers other natural therapies to support sexual health, including weight loss and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) using bioidentical hormone pellets. 

The wellness team may also recommend adding evidence-based nutraceutical products that benefit sexual health to your at-home wellness routine.

Call Stone Creek Family Medicine to schedule your sexual health consultation today.